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Mumbai University Time Table 2019- TYb.com, TYb.sc, Sem Date Sheet

Mumbai University Time Table 2019- BA, B.com, and B.sc Date Sheet: Mumbai University is famous to give the world-class education in various fields such as Science, Arts, Commerce, Ph.D., and much more. As the Mumbai University is one of the most prominent University so lots of candidates had connected to complete their education in the pertaining stream. Applicants those are getting an education in the Mumbai University are now going to attend the annual exam so they are now looking for the Time Table of MU.

Mumbai University All Examination Schedule Available Here 

Latest Update: The Mumbai University was released timetable for half examination on the official website. You can check Mumbai University TYBA, TYB.com, TYB.sc through this website.

Mumbai University Time table 2017

Mumbai University Time Table 2019 TY Bcom, Tybsc and Tyba

The Exam Date Sheet is very important and each candidate has to download it from the official website of Mumbai University i.e. http://mu.ac.in/. Applicants must read and understand the exam schedule to do the exam preparation very well.

The exam conducting authority has released the exam date and candidates have to get it to download from there. The Date Sheet helps the student to understand about the date and time and day, of the relevant examination, which more helps to go ahead 1 step more to do the fine arrangement till the final exam date.

Mumbai University Time Table 2019

  • University Name – Mumbai University 
  • Exam Name –  MU BA, B.com, B.sc, MA and Others 
  • Written Exam Date – Published Soon 
  • Date of Published Time Table – Released Soon 
  • Official Website – http://mu.ac.in/portal/student-section/examination/

mu.ac.in exam timetable 2019 BA, B.com and B.sc

As we all know that Mumbai University has completed the preparation for the final examination and very soon going to upload the Date Sheet of the examinations BA, B.Com, and B.Sc on its official website for the students. Mumbai University will release the TyBcom Time Table 2019-20 Mumbai University separately for each year.

Applicants have to start the preparation of the particular examination to clear the exam smoothly. This exam is very important for every applicant as they will promote in the next class only if they will pass the exams.

All the students ought to effort very hard in this exam which is just about on head. We have given the direct link to download the exam date sheet on this website and candidates can download it effortlessly.

                                                    University Time Table 2019

Mumbai University Time Table 2019-20 FYBom and TYBcom

The controller of the Mumbai University examination has prepared to release the Mumbai University Date Sheet 2019 which is supposed to conduct in the month of April/May 2019. Candidates have to download the MU Exam Date Sheet prior to the examination.

Mumbai University Date Sheet Semester wise will accessible for every Regular and Private candidate in Mumbai University and its associated colleges. All applicants can get to the Mumbai University Annual Exam Time Table 2019 on it official web link with specific dated of each subject. Candidates have to download the Mumbai University exam date sheet and give their exam preparation final touch.

How to check the Mumbai University Time Table 2019 Semester wise

 Applicants have to take below-given steps to download online Mumbai University BA, B.Com, and B.Sc Date Sheet 2018:

  • Candidates need to visit the official web portal of Mumbai University i.e. http://mu.ac.in/.
  • Now click on the Students Section.
  • Now click on Examination link and select the particular stream in which you have to attend the exam.
  • Then click on the link “MU Time Table” for the Date Sheet.
  • Download the Date Sheet in PDF to do the preparation of examination.

MU Time Table 2019 for First Half Examination Name

T.Y.B.A and T.Y. B.Sc 
1. T.Y. B. Arch
2.T.Y. B.Arch ( Interior Design)
3.Fourth Year Bachelor of Architecture
4.Fourth Year bachelor of Architecture
5.Fifth Year Bachelor of Architecture ( Term I)
6.FY Bachelor of Pharmacy Sem I
7.FY Bachelor of Pharmacy Sem II
8. FY Bachelor of Pharmacy  [ CBSGS ] Sem I
9. FY Bachelor of Pharmacy [ CBSSGS ] Sem II
10.FY Bachelor of Pharmacy [ CBCS ] Sem I
11. SY Bachelor of Pharmacy Sem III
12.SY B.Pharma Semester IV
13.SY Bachelor of Pharmacy [ CBSGS ] Sem III
14.  B.Pharma [ CBSGS ] Semester IV
15. TY Bachelor of Pharmacy Sem –V
16.B.Pharma Semester VI
17. TY Bachelor of Pharmacy (CBSGS) Semester VI 
18. Fourth Year bachelor of Pharmacy [ CBSGS] Sem VII
19.4th Year Bachelor of Pharmacy [ CBSGS ] Sem VII
20. Fourth Year Bachelor of Pharmacy Sem VII
21. Fourth Year Bachelor of Pharmacy Sem VIII
22.TY Bachelor of Pharmacy [ CBSGS ] Sem V
23.Master’s Degree in Computer Applications ( MCA ) Sem –I
24.Master’s Degree in Computer Applications (MCA ) Sem –II
25. Master’s Degree in Computer Applications ( MCA ) Sem –III
26. Master’s Degree in Computer Applications ( MCA ) Sem –IV
27. Master’s Degree in Computer Applications (MCA ) Sem –V
28.Master’s Degree in Computer Applications ( MCA) (CBSGS) Sem –I
29. MCA ( CBSGS) Sem –II
30. MCA ( CBSGS ) Sem –III
31.MCA (CBSGS) Sem –IV
32.MCA (CBSGS) Sem –V
33. MCA ( CBSGS) Choice Based Sem –I
34. MCA ( Bridge Course) (Part –I)
35. MCA ( Bridge Course) ( Part –II)
36. M.Arch ( Project Management) Sem –II
37.M.Arch ( Project Management ) Sem –IV
38. M.Arch ( Urban Conservation) Sem –II
39. M.arch ( Urban Design) Sem –II
40.M.arch ( Urban Design) ( Choice Based Credit Grading System) Sem –II
41.M.arch ( By Research) (Choice Based) Semester –II
42. M.arch (Project Management) ( Choice Based) Sem –II
43.M.arch ( Architectural & Urban Conservation) Sem- II
44. M.arch ( Urban Conservation) Sem-II
45.M.Arch ( Architecture & Urban Conservation) ( Choice Based Credit System)  Sem –II
46. B.arch Sem –VI
47.Fifth Year Bachelor of Architecture ( Interior Design) ( Term –I)
48.F.E ( Old ) ( All Branches ) Sem –I
49.F.E ( Old ) ( All Branches ) Sem –II
50.F.E ( All Branches ) (CBSGS) Sem –I
51. F.E  (Rev)( All Branches ) (CBSGS & Choice Based) Sem –II
52.F.E ( All Branches) ( CBCGS) Sem –I
53.Master’s Degree in Computer Application (MCA) ( Choice Based) Sem –II
54.S.E ( Sem.III) ( Rev- 2012) (CBSGS) ( All branches)
55.S.E ( Sem .III) ( Rev.- 2007) (All Branches)
56.S.E ( Sem-IV) ( Rev.-2012 ) (CBSGS) ( All Branches)
57. S.E ( SEM.IV) ( Rev .- 2007) ( ALL Branches)
58.T.E ( SEM.-V) ( Rev.- 2012) (CBSGS) ( All Branches)
59. T.E ( SEM- V) ( Rev – 2007) ( All Branches)
60. T.E ( Sem –VI) ( Rev – 2012) (CBSGS) ( All Branches)
61.T.E  (Sem-VI) ( Rev-2007) ( All Branches)
62.B.E ( Sem-VII) ( Rev – 2012) ( CBSGS) ( All Branches)
63.B.E ( Sem –VII) ( Rev – 2007) ( All Branches)
64. B.E ( Sem-VIII) ( Rev- 2012) ( CBSGS) ( All Branches)
65. B.E ( Sem-VIII) (Rev- 2007) ( All Branches)
66. M.E ( Bio-Medical Engineering) (CBSGS) Sem –I
67.  M.E ( Chemical) (CBSGS) Sem –I
68. M.E ( I.T) ( Information and Cyber Warfare) (CBSGS) Sem –I
69. M.E ( Signal Processing Engineering) ( CBSGS) Sem –I
70. M.E ( Civil ) Structure Engineering ( CBSGS) Sem –I
71. M.E ( Civil) Construction Engg & Management ( CBSGS) Sem –I
72. M.E ( Civil) ( Water Resources Engg) ( CBSGS ) Sem –I
73. M.E ( Computer Engg) (CBSGS) Sem –I
74. M.E (Computer Network & Info. Security Engg.) (CBSGS) Sem –I
75. M.E ( Electronics & Telecommunication Engg) (CBSGS) Sem-I
76. M.E ( Electrical with Power System Engg) (CBSGS) Sem –I
77.M.E ( Electrical Engg) ( Power Plant Engg & Energy Mgmt) ( CBSGS) Sem –I
78. M.E ( Electronics Engg) (CBSGS) Sem –I
79. M.E ( I.T) (AI & Robotics) (CBSGS) Sem –I
80. M.E ( Information Technology) (CBSGS) Sem –I
81.M.E (I.T) ( Information Security ) (CBSGS) Sem –I
82. M.E ( Instrumentation and Controls Engg) ( CBSGS ) Sem –I
83. M.E ( Instrumentation ) (CBSGS ) Sem –I
84. M.E (  Mech ) ( Energy System & Management ) ( CBSGS) Sem –I
85.M.E ( Manufacturing System Engg) ( CBSGS) Sem –I
86.M.E (MECH) ( Energy System (CBSGS) Sem -I
87. M.E ( Mech) ( Thermal Engg) (CBSGS ) Sem –I
88. M.E (Mech) ( Heat Power Engg) (CBSGS) Sem –I
89. M.E ( Mech. Engg. With CAD/CAM & Robotics) ( CBSGS) Sem –I
90. M.E ( MECH) ( Machine Design) ( CBSGS ) Sem –I
91. M.E (Electrical Engg.) ( Power Electronics & Drives ) (CBSGS) Sem –I
92.M.E ( Mech) ( Product Design & Development ) ( CBCGS) Sem –I
93.M.E ( Biomedical Engg) (CBCGS) Sem –II
94. M.E ( Chemical) (CBCGS) Sem –II
95.M.E ( I.T) ( Information and Cyber Warfare) (CBCGS) Sem-II
96.M.E ( Signal Processing Engg.) (CBCGS) Sem –II 
97. M.E (Civil) ( Stru.Engg) (CBSGS ) Sem –II 
98. M.E ( Civil) ( Construction Engg & Management) (CBCGS) Sem-II
99. M.E ( Civil) ( Water Resources Engg) ( CBCGS) Sem –II
100. M.E ( Computer Engg) (CBCGS) Sem –II
101. M.E ( Computer Network & Info. Security Engg.) (CBCGS) Sem –II
102. M.E (Electronics & Telecommunication Engg.) (CBCGS) Sem –II
103.M.E ( Electrical with Power System Engg) (CBCGS) Sem –II
104. M.E ( Electrical Engg) ( Power Plant Engg & Energy MGMT) ( CBSGS) Sem-II
105.M.E  ( Electronics Engg) (CBSGS) Sem-II
106.M.E (I.T) ( AI & Robotics) (CBSGS) Sem –II
107. M.E  ( Information Technology) (CBSGS) Sem –II
108.M.E (I.T) ( Information Technology) (CBSGS) Sem –II
109. M.E  (I.T) ( Information Security) (CBSGS) Sem –II
110. M.E ( Instrumentation and Controls Engg) ( Old Course) Sem –II
111.M.E ( Instrumentation ) (CBSGS) Sem –II
112. M.E ( MECH) ( Energy Engg) (CBSGS) Sem –II
114.M.E (MECH) ( Manufacturing System Engg) (CBSGS) Sem-II
115. M.E (MECH) ( Energy System & Management) (CBSGS) Sem –II
116.Other Time Tables Click Here

Law Stream: MU Time Table 


1. T.Y BA In French Studies (CBSGS) Sem-VI
2. B.A ( French Studies ) ( Choice Based) Sem –V
3. T.Y.B.A French Studies ( Choice base Credit System) Sem-VI
4. T.Y.B.A Russian ( 5 Year Course ) ( CBSGS) Sem –V
5. T.Y.BA in Russian ( 5 Year Course ) ( CBSGS) Sem –V
6. T.Y.B.A German Studies Sem –V
7. MA ( Hons) in German Studies ( Part –I) Sem –I
8. M.A ( Hons) in German Studies ( Part –II) Sem –III
9.  MA in German Studies ( Part –I) Sem –I
10. MA in German Studies ( Part –II) Sem –III
11.  Second Year BBA/LLB ( Hons) ( Five Year Integrated course) Sem –IV

 Commerce and Management:

  1. M.Com ( E-Commerce) [ CBSGS ] Sem –II
  2. M.com ( E-Commerce ) [ CBSGS ] Sem –IV
  3. M.Phil in Commerce

Mumbai University Exam Dates/Time Table for Various Courses :

Mumbai University Second Half Examination Time Table 2019 

College Exam Sem I, II and III : 

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